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This is a special class of insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for Computer Equipment and Accessories. This class of insurance is new in the Nigerian market and is presently written only by a few of the reputable insurance companies.

The covers provided by the policy are as follows:

  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown
  • Consequential loss including Loss of Gross Profit, Loss of Revenue and increase in cost of production
  • Costs of re-instating data onto data carrying media

The computer equipment and accessories under this insurance are stated below:

  • Computer Installation Proper: This item comprises of central processor, storage devices control, console power pack, disk drives, magnetic tape, transports and the peripheral equipment operating under the direct control of or connected to the central processor.
  • Auxilliary equipment: This consists of equipment which does not operate under the direct control of the computer but is used to prepare data in a form which is acceptable to the computer or to handle the output punches. It includes decollators, punch cards, tabulators etc.
  • Motor generators or other Voltage Regulating equipment: This is the equipment through which the public supply of electricity is fed in order to maintain the voltage supplied to the installation at a steady level (it does not include generating sets).
  • Data Carrying Media: This is made up of magnetic tapes, magnetic cards(random access magnetic - CRAM decks) etc.
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