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This policy covers loss or damage due to burglary or theft involving entry into premises by forcible or violent means, including damage to premises consequent upon such theft or any attempt thereat. The proposal form must always be returned with a schedule of the insured items whether for private or business premises. Where a schedule is not given, the single article limit would have to apply during claims.

In view of the restricted scope of cover under this insurance enunciated above, it may be advisable that in respect of business machines and equipment e.g. typewriters, adding machines, portable radio communication equipment etc, a separate All Risks Insurance can be arranged. This will cover the risks of fire and all the extraneous perils mentioned already, as well as theft without the restriction mentioned in the scope of cover in the above insurance. An added advantage of this insurance is that cover will apply not only to your premises in respect of such items, but will also operate should any of them be taken out of the premises. If this type of insurance was to be taken out, it will be necessary to either:

  • Supply a detailed inventory of all such items of business machines etc. to be insured; or
  • Give a total value of all such items but indicate the value of the most expensive of such items.

The location of the Risk and the type of goods involved are very important in rating both for private and business premises.

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