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Services : Professional : Workmen's Compensation

This class is statutorily compulsory in Nigeria as provided by the workmen compensation ordinance of 1964 and subsequent amendments, the latest of which is the 1987 amendment. The statute provides indemnity against accidents occurring during the course of their employment.

The benefits provided include:

  • 54 months salary in respect of death benefits
  • 54 months salary for permanent injury with a provision for decreasing benefit depending on the extent of injury.
  • Unlimited medical expenses in respect of:
  • Medical, Surgical and Hospital treatment, skilled nursing services and supply of medicine and surgical dressing;
  • The supply, maintenance repair and renewal of non-articulate artificial limbs and apparatus; and
  • Travelling expenses incurred in the course of receiving medical treatment.

The new decree makes provisions for all categories of workers, from management staff to daily paid workers.

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