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There are various options of which we will make recommendation and advice on what the present insurance market can offer in respect of death and retirement benefits, return on investment, administrative costs and tax incentives.

Employers arrange staff retirement pension schemes to provide benefits for their employees on leaving service either on retirement, withdrawal from service before any normal retirement age or on death in service. It ensures adequate security for the future needs for employees after their working life and their dependants in the event of premature death.

This good gesture is quite appreciated by both the employer and the employees when attention is focused on the advantage derivable from the pension scheme.
There are various types of schemes used under this policy:

  • Non- Contributory scheme
  • Contributory Scheme
  • Assured Scheme; Group Endowment/Pure Assurance, Pure/Pure Assurance, Group Life/Deposit Administration and Endowment Assurance/Deposit Administration
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