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Services : Professional : Fire/Extraneous Perils

A standard Fire Policy merely grants cover for loss or damage resultant upon the incident of fire and/or lightning. In view of the several exclusions and in order to provide an adequate scope of cover under this insurance, we recommend that such fire insurance be extended to cover the following perils; Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Explosion, Malicious damage, Riot, Strike, Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, Pipes and other apparatus, Bus fire, Aircraft and Impact damage.

We would suggest the insurance is placed on the following items having regard to what we have assumed you own as a company. The schedule is flexible enough to accommodate additional areas of which we may be unaware.

Buildings: On all buildings of standard construction including Landlord’s Fixtures and Fittings and of one or more stories in height occupied by the insured for administrative or production purposes including workshops in the different locations in which you operate anywhere in Nigeria.

Machinery: On all items of plant and machinery and various tools and equipment (different values for each location is advisable).


  • On stock of finished products and work-in progress
  • On stock of raw materials i.e. of all description used in different locations

Office Contents: On Insured's furniture including tenants improvements where applicable and Office furniture, equipment of all description including air-r-conditioners whilst contained in their various locations.

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